Coffee Around the World

The coffee in your cup is as unique as the region from which it originated. Here's a quick primer on major coffee-growing regions and the flavors they produce.

The Americas

Central and South America, including countries such as Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico, Colombia, and the world's largest coffee producer -- Brazil, exports predominantly sweet coffee with moderate acidity. Nutty, chocolaty flavors with toasted notes are common of beans from this region.


Coffee is said to have originated from Ethiopia and Africa remains a major contributor to the global coffee supply. Expect fruity flavors with hints of citrus from Kenyan and Ethiopian coffees. African coffee is also known to be very lively and aromatic.


Indian coffee often exhibits smoky notes, spicy flavors with rich, full body. Expect a little bit of bitterness offset by flavors of nutmeg, tropical fruit, and pepper.Like India, Indonesia produces full-bodied coffee with a long finish. Adjectives such as earthy and vibrant is often used to describe Indonesian coffee.